Ipsilateral femoral shaft and vertical patella fracture: a case report 2009

Korhan Ozkan, Hakan Cift, Engin Eceviz, Adem Sahin & Ender Ugutmen


A femoral shaft fracture with an ipsilateral patella fracture has been, to our knowledge, given only cursory attention in English-speaking literature.

Case presentation
A 15 year old male patient had hitten by a car to his motorcycle came to emergency room and he had been operated for his femoral shaft freacture and vertical patellar fracture which was iniatally missed.

To us it is vital to obtain CT scan of the patient’s knee if there is an ipsilateral femoral fracture with an ipsilateral knee effusion and a punction which reveals hematoma even in the absence of a fracture line seen in AP and lateral projections.

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